by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb




February 2011
Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca NY

with Jimmy King,Ronica Reddick,
and Alison Scaramella

set Daniel Zimmerman
lights Max Doolittle
sound Ben Truppin-Brown
costumes Lisa Boquist

photos (c) Dave Burbank

“APOCALYPSE WOW! The end of the world is played for hip humor in Kitchen Theatre's "boom"... a rollicking comedy of ideas and lust... [a] 100-minute intermissionless fun fest... Director Samuel Buggeln also helmed Kitchen's "Speech and Debate" last season and knows his way through hip contemporary material. "boom" is breathless, never-flagging comedy... with a speeded-up sequence run to the music of "Sweet Georgia Brown." ... But it's also one of the most intellectually ambitious stage works seen in these parts this year.”
—Syracuse New Times

“A delightful powder keg of ideas... "boom," a little theatrical delight that regionally premieres at the Kitchen this month, is a blast! ... Guaranteed to brighten your day... Magnificent! ... Thoughtful, humane and understated.”
—Ithaca Times

“That's the improbable, delightful "boom"... directed here by Sam Buggeln, returning after the Kitchen's hilarious "Speech & Debate." ... Splendid!... smart and funny, with stand-up timing and sitcom silliness.
... Deliciously weird... irresistible!”
—The Ithaca Journal