by Stephen Karam




February 2010
Kitchen Theatre, Ithaca NY

with Adam Deremer, Renee Petrofes, Alison Scaramella and Conor Tansey

set Abby Smith
lights Max Doolittle
sound and projections Lesley Greene
costumes Ainsley Anderson

photos (c) Dave Burbank

“An embarrassment of riches: sharp, smart, hip, current, political, sexual, you name it. This production zips along at such a pace that insight and entertainment are delivered in equal measure... director Samuel Buggeln's production captures this tough, contradictory world, gamely riding the freak/geek subculture with a very talented cast.
...Clever and inventive... inspired.”
—Ithaca Times, 3/3/2010

“A breathlessly paced, cliché-busting romp...
Director Samuel Buggeln understands that Speech and Debate is not only about language, but about performance... Fabulous!”
—Syracuse New Times, May 10-17, 2010

“A hilarious, insightful, feel-everything theatrical experience... "Speech & Debate" can bring out laughter just as easily as it forces out tears. Like most teenagers' lives, it's an emotional roller coaster that somehow always finds its way back to sidesplitting comedy. A tweet or short blog post won't be enough to do this show justice. Audiences will be talking about it long after they leave the theater and keeping with the Kitchen Theatre's motto, the show starts a heck of a conversation.”
— The Ithacan, March 11, 2010