by Conor McPherson




off-Broadway première

October 2002
VoiceChair Productions/
Soho Think Tank
Ohio theatre, Soho NYC

with Mark Alhhadeff

set Buggeln
lights Farley Whitfield
costumes Mattie Ullrich

“Rum & Vodka holds its liquor…
Terrifically funny [and] smartly directed by Samuel Buggeln.”
—Alexis Soloski, Village Voice, 10/23/02

"The action is tartly paced and timed by director Samuel Buggeln, and terrifically acted by Matt Alhadeff. I was knocked out...
the play is hypnotically compelling."
—Donald Lyons, New York Post, 10/30/02

"Alhadeff makes believable every step on the character's path, turning the Ohio's vast space into a confessional almost claustrophobic in its intimacy… The performance is remarkable."
—Philip Hopkins, TheatreMania, 10/08/02

“A powerful production … As directed by Samuel Buggeln,
Alhadeff's approach is simplicity itself, adding immeasurably to
the overall effect of McPherson's sly, disarming play…
Alhadeff gets absolutely everything right... a remarkable performance."
—Joseph Hurley, Irish Echo, 10/23/02