by Kenny Finkle




October 2007
Portland Stage, Portland, ME

with JT Arbogast, Laura Jordan, Susan O'Connor, Chapin Springer

set Tobin Ost
costumes Frank champa
lights Gregg Carville
sound Steven Swift

photographs (c) Darren Setlow

““Run don’t walk to Portland Stage Company’s Indoor/Outdoor. It’s human catnip...! This is the funniest, sweetest, deep and yet enjoyable play I’ve had the pleasure of seeing since moving to Maine five yers ago. [...] A home run! [...] This is a stellar production on all levels.... the pace is nimble and fluid and well staged by director Samuel Buggeln.”
—The Coastal Journal, 11/8/07

“Outrageously funny!... Indoor/Outdoor is a treat.
It’s surprisingly endearing and guaranteed to make you laugh.”
—Portland Press Herald, 11/5/07

“Hilarious! [...] Indoor/Outdoor is a joyous and endearing take on love and life, one that nuzzles us so close that the unabashed warmth is unmistakable. [...] Even grown men were dabbing their eyes at the show’s conclusion.”
—The Times Record, 11/8/07