a new translation of Molière's Le Misanthrope
by Samuel Buggeln

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July 2010
Soho Think Tank's Ice Factory Festival,
Ohio Theatre, NYC

with Aysan Celik, Colby Chambers, Nick Dillenburg, John-Michael Marrs, Daniel Morgan Shelley,
Noah Weisberg, Merritt Wever,
Zoë Winters

set Daniel Zimmerman
costumes Sarah Cubbage
lights Dans Maree Sheehan
music Subvader

“In Hater... the artifice of the sneering moneyed classes has a disco accent. Bling baroque, if you will.... Sarah Cubbage's wonderful costumes... foreshadowed the gleeful anachronisms and salty modern-day vernacular in Mr. Buggeln's script. Then the story kicked in... Mr. Buggeln notably underscoring Molière's points about the suppression of women...
Hater wields a rapier... [and] nicely twists the blade.”
—New York Times

“I can't say enough good things about "Hater" — writer/director Samuel Buggeln's fresh, contemporary adaptation of Moliere's "The Misanthrope." ...The writer's excellent trope is to transform Moliere's characters into the modern equivalent of 17th-century poseurs (yes, hipsters). ...the production was one of the most vibrant, exciting and hilarious adaptations of a classical comedy I've yet encountered. It's hard to make antique material both funny and relevant to modern audiences. Buggeln has. ”
—Trav S.D., The Villager

“There's an enormous—a fabulous—amount of style displayed in Hater. Buggeln's script... perfectly hit that spot of productive
resonance between the periods... thoroughly enjoyable!”

“This entry in SoHo Think Tank's Ice Factory Festival is an exciting experience from its first pulse-pounding beat... And yet there's as much substance as there is style to Buggeln's work... The marvelous actors play their roles with such relish it's impossible not to become absorbed into their world. ...And what a fashionable world it is... nothing short of hypnotic. It's a shame a work this rich is only afforded a handful of performances; Hater deserves to continue a far longer run somewhere.”
—Show Business Weekly