God of Carnage

By Yasmina Reza, translated by Christopher Hampton




October 2011
Portland Stage, Portland ME

with Scott Barrow, Amy Bodnar, Kevin Cutts, Kate Udall

set Daniel Zimmerman
lights Philip S. Rosenberg
sound Shannon Zura
costumes Kathleen Brown

“Director Samuel Buggeln does a brilliant job with a very challenging script. With picture perfect blocking, Buggeln takes these apparent caricatures and turns them into multi-personalities that you love to detest... The relationship between Cutts and Udall is magic... Barrow and Bodnar have perfect timing... Set designer Daniel Zimmerman has created a fantastic playground for adults.”
—Portland Daily Sun

“The play is cleverly set in an apartment that is both figuratively and literally an oversized sandbox... a scathingly witty commentary on adult society and the masks we hide behind on a daily basis. These falsities were entertainingly stripped away... The audience ate it up. Reza's sharp-edged commentary deftly rolled off the actors' tongues, humorously filleting social expectations, all the while making the audience question their own sensibilities and social obligations.”
—Portland Press Herald

“Orchestrating this dance of rapidly shifting alliances is director Samuel Buggeln, a veteran of both Portland Stage and New York theaters. He keeps the action moving at lightning speed as the play barrels along from drawing-room comedy into farce. The four actors have to portray a full gamut of emotions, and oh boy, do they, convincingly and often hilariously. Amid the carnage of their social meeting that's gone completely off the rails, the characters drop their grown-up masks and revert back to their most childish, essential selves — oddly becoming more likeable as their very human flaws are on full display. The process, like any train wreck, is mesmerizing to watch. And you won't want to look away. ”
—Maine Times