by Douglas Carter Beane




July 2008
Mason Street Warehouse, Saugatuck, MI

with Paolo Andino, Holly Burton,
Lisa Butler, Beth Glover,
Hannah Louise, Brian Patacca,
John Plumpis

set Troy Hourie
costumes Darlene K. Christopher
lights Jen Kules
sound Tim Schmidt
props Austin Rodriguez

As Bees in Honey Drown, the latest production from Saugatuck's Mason Street Warehouse, is a sticky-sweet success that will have you glued to your seat.... Director Sam Buggeln keeps life in the fast lane.... As Bees in Honey Drown raises lots of questions.... What makes a piece of art valuable? Is it talent or fame? Is fame without achievement just as valuable? And does fame allow the creative personality to flourish or does it stifle creativity? It's something that sticks with you after the buzz has died.”
—The Grand Rapids Press

photographs (c) Moments in Life