music Paul Leschen, book & lyrics Fred Sauter




August 2008
New York Musical Festival

with Ryan Bogner, Celina Carvajal,
Mark Fisher, Tracey Gibson,
Chris Hall, Brian Charles Rooney, Stephen Sheffer, H. Wayne Watson

choreography Robin Carrigan
costumes Amanda Bujak
and Chris Rumery
lights Dans Marie Sheehan
produced by Bobby Mrozek

“…a little bit “Little Shop of Horrors” and a little bit
“Rocky Horror Show,” but even more over the top.”
—The New York Times

“Priceless!.... Astounding!.... Shattering perfection!.... Throbbingly silly depictions of insectoid homosexuality. Explosively cinematic direction (by Samuel Buggeln) and fine-cheesy choreography (by Robin Carrigan) that captures with freeze-dried giddiness the best of the worst dance moves two decades behind the times...."

“The sci-fi pop rock musical is alive and kicking in Bedbugs!!!.... The synth-punchy numbers are extremely enjoyable and choreographed back-up singing is terrific. And the play is aware enough to wink at itself.... Director Samuel Buggeln has created a ruckus; a fluid environment with little breathing room.... Do yourself right and let these bedbugs bite.

“Director Samuel Buggeln stages the action with an appropriately campy style and showcases his cast’s talent for comedy..... Thanks to a goofy and committed cast, a thumping pop-rock score, and a production which revels in its low-budget glory, Bedbugs is a zany success.”
—Julia Furay,

“Spectacular!.... Top-notch!.... Perfectly bizarre and wonderful!.... Samuel Buggeln's direction keeps things moving without letting the myriad storylines get confused.... It's all very silly and highly enjoyable.”

“Delicious!.... Dazzling!.... Simply sensational!... An exercise in high camp with a monster movie plot. Credit director Samuel Buggeln and choreographer Robin Carrigan with an engaging assortment of silly-sexy moves that just keep on coming.