by Itamar Moses




May 2010
Portland Stage Co,
Portland, ME

with Ron Botting, Tom Butler,
Colby Chambers, Tom Ford,
Daniel Noel, and Dustin Tucker

set Wilson Chin
costumes Kris Hall
lights Philip S. Rosenberg
sound Gregg Carville
props Chris Hourclé

all photographs (c) Kevin Brusie

“Director Samuel Buggeln's crackerjack cast is nimble, and Portland Stage Company's production is lavish... Bach at Leipzig is devastatingly intelligent, structurally masterful, [and] deliciously entertaining... the script's wordplay and ironies are witty, often wickedly so, and PSC's scintillating production wants for nothing. “Surprising and inevitable,” Fasch quotes the dead organist as having defined the perfect fugue. You can say the same about the joys of a great farce, and Bach at Leipzig plays it out over dizzying octaves.”
—Portland Phoenix, May 12, 2010

“Uniformly excellent... spectacular... glorious... The production is funny, witty and sometimes moving, with plenty of relevance to go around...a very nice piece of work from director Samuel Buggeln.”
—Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, May 9, 2010

“Niftily executed... It all sounds very academic and highfalutin' in theory, but in practice it's just funny. Director Samuel Buggeln seems to enjoy this kind of madcap ensemble play — his PSC credits include Noises Off — and... he manages his cast well.”
—Jason Wilkins, the bollard, May 14, 2010

“Lying, cheating, bribery, blackmail, and thievery proliferate as this conniving cabal of six jealous musical rivals maneuver to undo and discredit each other..... The clever wordplay is punctuated with puns, jibes, goofy slapstick, groan-worthy double entendres, and voracious scenery chewing.... What is marvelous about this production is the superb casting. The delightful ensemble of six actors vividly paint the stage in a colorful spectrum of lively characterization.”
—Gregory Morell, Biddeford Journal Tribune, May, 2010