Reviews of Ice Factory Festival production,
Ohio Theatre NYC July 2010



Scholarly responses to the translation


“In HATER... the artifice of the sneering moneyed classes has a disco accent. Bling baroque, if you will! [With] gleeful anachronisms and salty modern-day vernacular... HATER WIELDS A RAPIER, [and] NICELY TWISTS THE BLADE!”

—New York Times


HATER is not your grandmother's Molière; it's not even your mother's Molière. It is Molière for the twenty-first century. Laugh-out-loud funny even on the page, Samuel Buggeln's living and lively translation breathes new life into those old alexandrines. In his hands Le Misanthrope has never been more alive, more fun, more contemporary, more eternal. Be careful, though, lest you read it in public places and create a scene as you snicker and guffaw.”

—Jody Enders, Professor of French and Theater, UCSB;
translator of medieval French farce



“I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT HATER — writer/director Samuel Buggeln's fresh, contemporary translation of Moliere's "The Misanthrope." ...The writer's excellent trope is to transform Moliere's characters into the modern equivalent of 17th-century poseurs.... the production was one of THE MOST VIBRANT, EXCITING, AND HILARIOUS adaptations of a classical comedy I've yet encountered. It's hard to make antique material both funny and relevant to modern audiences. Buggeln has. ”

—Trav S.D., The Villager


“Buggeln's bold new translation of Le Misanthrope offers a fresh approach that crackles with a contemporary sensibility while remaining true to the original source.  Without gimmicks or glibness, HATER makes Molière's sharp and witty satire available to today's audiences with the most playable and pertinent translation I've had the pleasure of hearing in the theatre.”  

—Jordan Schildcrout, Associate Professor of Theatre,
Purchase College, SUNY


“This entry in SoHo Think Tank's Ice Factory Festival is AN EXCITING EXPERIENCE FROM ITS FIRST PULSE-POUNDING BEAT... And yet there's as much substance as there is style to Buggeln's work!... It's a shame a work this rich is only afforded a handful of performances; HATER deserves to continue a far longer run somewhere.”

—Show Business Weekly



“Buggeln is providing something new and important— not just with his astonishing translation itself, but also with his insightful discussion of the debates, past and present, around translating Molière for English-language performance.”

—Karen Emmerich, National Book Critics' Circle Prize-nominated
translator of poetry and novels


“The only point of going to the theater is surprise. The potential for surprise is what distinguishes theater from other kinds of dramatic entertainment… HATER IS A HAPPY SURPRISE! […] It is difficult to make a play about shallow things that is not itself shallow… but HATER manages to dance in its stiletto heels.”

—Kevin D. Williamson, The New Criterion